Media Relations

Iori Communications creates media relations programs designed to increase positive awareness and increase visibility for clients. When clients have news that needs to be disseminated, Iori Communications has the experience and skills to deliver the right messages to achieve results.

Iori Communications is especially effective in:

  • Finding the story “hook” and
  • Identifying the target audiences.

These two talents are critical for any media relations plan to truly begin.

In addition, Robin Iori began her career as a journalist. She knows how to craft a message for the media and determine the appropriate media outlets to approach.

Website Content

Iori Communications has been providing Website content to clients, especially those in professional services, for more than a decade. Understanding how people read on the web is critical for success in this communications channel. Keeping information brief, yet descriptive, is the challenge.

For clients who need website content, working with an organization that appreciates how “words work” can be a first step toward building a Website that sells. Iori Communications does just that, and tailors its writing to truly tell the individual story of each client. 

Marketing Materials

Iori Communications produces written marketing materials that are client-focused, not just boastful verbiage. People want to know the benefits of a product or service when they are looking to buy. They don’t just want to be sold something.

Marketing materials should answer a number of questions, including:

  • How is a product or service different?
  • What features can a prospective consumer really use?
  • Does the copy persuade? Does it flow and is it friendly? and
  • Does it speak directly to the target audiences?

Iori Communications keeps these upper most in mind. 


Iori Communications believes in the anonymous quote on the homepage:
“The words that you choose to say something are just as important as the decision to speak.”

This may be edited to include the decision to write a marketing piece, an article in a trade publication or a speech. The words one chooses to use can make or break a presentation of any kind.

Iori Communications can write or edit websites, articles, marketing materials, scripts, speeches, proposals, articles and press releases. Keeping the messages consistent and strong will in large part determine how successful the communications are in reaching their goals. Once the words are delivered, trying to take them back is probably not possible. Keep that in mind before hitting the “send” button for more than just emails.