Public Relations Crisis Plan Communicating With The Media

Don’t Let a P.R. Crisis Paralyze You or Your Firm

Public Relations Crisis Plan Communicating with the MediaFirst, understanding what a crisis plan will address for a law firm can be confusing. Is it a crisis for the firm or a crisis for one of its clients and the firm is providing counsel related to it?  Whichever is the case, a plan should be in place. Catching anyone off guard is just not acceptable in today’s communications-savvy world.

Every law firm should have a basic crisis communications plan in place by now. Such plans were once only the domain of large, multi-national corporations or companies that were involved in risky or injury-prone industries. But today, the gloves are off and the highly charged media environment, whether it’s social media or television reporters, means that a crisis plan is a priority for even the smaller firm.

I’m sure each firm has a Disaster Recovery plan ready to go if all communications are lost or a fire occurs in the office. But isn’t it just as important to have a plan to deal with a communications issue that can affect your firm’s image, whether it’s something your own lawyers are doing or something a client is doing. Be ready, not sorry.

For more information, read Robin Iori’s article on developing a crisis plan, published in Marketing The Law Firm, a Law Journal Newsletter.