Law Firm Branding

You Have to Know Your Brand Before You Can Promote It

Law Firm BrandingUnderstanding your law firm brand would be the first step in promoting that brand. It might be easier to begin with what your law firm brand is not. For example, it is not your logo, the colors you use, the ad you run in a trade newsletter or how you describe yourself in the firm’s Website. Those are tools you can use to promote your brand.

Your brand is basically what clients and prospects think of your firm. It can be a negative perception or a positive one. Obviously, you strive for the latter. Clients may also have no opinion about your firm. That is not good either. Your goal should be to differentiate your law firm from competitors, which with a positive client experience, will help you create a strong brand.

For more information, read Robin Iori’s article Promoting Your Law Firm’s Brand, published by the Law Firm Consultant Network of Chicago.